Laura Dinstell

Magnificent Powerful Sisters,

Have you been craving community and being seen in your brilliance? Disconnected from the talent and confidence within, succumbed to insecurity and instability. Paralyzed by financial worries & inability to manage stress. Have you been seeking a solid foundation to regain focus & embrace the harmony that is your birthright?

Circle opens August 10th, after the Lion’s Gate portal.

Laura Dinstell

Magnificent Powerful Sisters,

Have you been craving community and being seen in your brilliance? Disconnected from the talent and confidence within, succumbed to insecurity and instability. Paralyzed by financial worries & inability to manage stress. Have you been seeking a solid foundation to regain focus & embrace the harmony that is your birthright?

Circle opens on August 10th, after Lion’s Gate portal.

 A Sacred Abundance Journey
through the Elements


Emerge from your COVID cocoon for this 12-week Success Circle experience through the Elements to integrate their wisdom into your life, business, relationships and body. Open yourself and your field to the breath of fresh air needed to restart as a whole sovereign woman. Discover your most intentional and prosperous next steps with ease, space to express & be witnessed as you truly are.

You are invited to be a part of


Quantum Energy Wisdom Integration

A 3 Month Women’s Mentorship Circle and Sacred Success Journey
to Integrate the Prosperity Wisdom of the Elements



Let us remember the future together

You are nature.
You are abundant.
You are breathtaking.
You are the creator of your own reality.
Recognize you are a powerhouse.
You deserve and will have everything you desire.
Flow into trust and surrender.


Explore & Create

Within The Elements

Finally Have …
prosperous & aligned income, launches & business systems.

Move Beyond
toxic & paralyzing patterns & relationships.

Let Go
of self-isolation, no more will you be the self-contained woman.

Open and Blossom
into the glorious, talented woman that you are.


Allow the ELEMENTS to Guide You
With the Integrated Wisdom of The Elements, Your Pathway to Freedom & Wealth Will Emerge Before You



What you receive:

> 12 Mentorship Circles
– 4 Guest Hosted Circles
– 4 Business/Wealth Circles with Lynan & Guests
– 4 Community Element Circles with Lynan
> 1-on-1 Access: 1 hour Coaching Call with Lynan
TwistedSage Element Balance & Harmony Ring Pendant
> Weekly Office Hours with Lynan
> Private WhatsApp Group
> Weekly Meditations/Transmissions

Bonus calls:

> Elemental Astrology
> Multi-Dimensional Clearing Call with Lynan
> Many more potent gifts to be announced along the journey & Bonus Trainings




$1500 Total




Limited to only 5 spots

For a woman prepared for the Quantum evolution. She knows it is time for her to own her destiny completely. Total energetic and financial freedom from now on.

What you receive:

> Everything from the Mentorship Level & more personalized access on your deeper Elemental Spirit Journey
> 1-on-1 ACCESS: Two 1 hour Coaching Calls with Lynan
> DEEPER ACCESS: Unlimited Whats App voice messaging & chat with Lynan AND more extra special BONUSES!
> TwistedSage Golden Fire Generator  & Wifi 5G Protection Ring
> Personal Protection & Activation Ceremony




$2400 Total  


Still on the fence?

It’s okay if you have questions about diving into the unknown.

Let’s set up a call and explore where you are at to see if Circle is a fit for you right now.

You will see yourself most clearly
through calm, still waters.

Higher Realms Guide


Air Woman With A Fire Soul

When you experience the fierce flow of Lynan’s presence, your business and life will never be the same again. She is a soulful, heart-driven serial entrepreneur and experience creator with a passion for energetic clearing and gatherings of magical women. She utilizes her love-language of marketing by day as CEO of The Experience Experts, her digital marketing & advertising agency. Lynan is most alive when exploring the planet, sharing her marketing wisdom, and deepening her own connection to Source. She is grateful & eager to hold this container of Growth for you. Her intention is to empower women’s leadership and financial freedom in you!

 Guest Guides


Metamorphosis Facilitator

The Progressive Starseed

Astrology for Entrepreneurs

Modern Business Alchemy

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never been in a Circle, what’s it like?

Being in community with other powerful and inspiring women, will move you. If you do nothing but show each week, your life will change. Circle’s are magical containers where dreams become reality, you start living as your true honest Self and you are witnessed & seen by like-minded soulful sisters. There is nothing else like it.

What kind of results can I expect?

Results are up to you. Circle results are like Tinkerbell, if you BELIEVE, you can have all the magic. What you put in, you will get out 10-fold.  If you just show up to all the calls, your world will shift dramatically. If you also share, your heart & your bank account will open. When you participate and listen to the content, anything and everything is possible that you’ve been dreaming of in the back of your mind. Lynan and all of your fellow Circle members will do everything they can to hold you accountable and keep you focused on getting what you want and receiving what you need. If you want more money, better relationships, more peace, more self-love, better sleep, to lose weight, whatever you desire – the Circle will hold your intention to make it REAL.

When does this Circle begin? What day of the week & time will it be held? I want the details!

Our Opening Circle will be on July 1, 2020. Together as a community, we will choose the best day each week, recurring to meet, and time for the collective’s schedule. If you have a restrictive schedule, we will accomodate those members FIRST. Please share specific schedule requests upon applying. We will do our very best to accomodate all schedules. Success Circles calls are the same day each week, for 1-1.5 hours on Zoom. All Circle calls are recorded and members are given access to download.

What if I’m interested but not sure if I’m a YES right now?

It can be scary or uncertain to deep dive into a Circle program like Elemental Spirit. Lynan has created a unique Success Mentorship Circle unlike anything else out there. If you are on the fence, have questions or concerns and need support to learn more about the experience, Reach out to speak with Lynan. If part of your challenges with joining is around money or your financial situation, please schedule a call. Together, we will sink into your body – your inner Knowing. Depending on your inner Authority and how it is most aligned for you to make decisions, we will discover the best course of action for you. We will find a way, if you want and need this experience in your life & business right now.

Are there payment options?

Yes, there is! We recommend paying monthly, $500 or $800, due the first week of each month. You can pay via Paypal (credit or debit), Zelle or Venmo. If you have the ability to pay in full, it is encouraged because there will be a BONUS call and/or session with Lynan in your future. Additionally, the moment you sign up for a program the magic begins and the more financially invested you are, the more return you will receive.

If you need more payment options, at Lynan’s discretion, let’s see what we can do for you and co-create together. Fill out the application and share your payment plan ideas there!

I am facing COVID-related financial challenges, are there scholarship options?

Unfortunately at this time, we request an investment, ‘skin in the game’ commitment, to participate in Circle. However, we are offering a special GIFT A SISTER opportunity, for those who are currently facing financial hardship. This allows two women, who are both committed to going all in on the experience, to both enroll for the price of one. This is only valid at the Membership Level. Please inquire via a call or the application form for further information or questions for this arrangement. 

If you cannot share the financial investment with a Sister, please still apply – we do not want anyone who needs and craves Circle community to miss out on this opportunity. We will work with you to find a committed solution.

Client Love

I have really loved this container. The core group feels really special. I have found in this space, especially from you Lynan, is to lean into being seen, acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated. Grateful for really being seen by this circle!

Keeley Olivia ‘Galactic Pussy Awakening

Gabrielle Lacasse

There has been a huge surrender and letting go from this Circle. I thought I was feminine business building but I was completely wrong. This space welcomed back in ritual, this community, womanhood. I feel more connected to you all virtually, than the people in my life I can touch. And I didn’t realize how much I needed that deep connection.

Dani De La Osa, Higher Communications

 Reflections from past Circle Members


Join the SuccessCircle

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To express your intent in joining the next cycle of Elemental Spirit Circle, please complete the application below. By completing the form you are not obligated to join. We will get in touch to connect if Circle is a fit for you.

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